Does your company need advice and guidance about your web presence ?

The SADC offers you a free support service (in partnership with Emploi-Québec) to improve the effectiveness of your web communications and help you make a move to the web.


In partnership with Emploi-Québec, we offer you a free support service to improve the effectiveness of your web communications. 

In the form of a 1-on-1 personalized meeting, benefit from the expertise of Katherine Wanamaker, instructor and consultant in management and marketing  and discuss the opportunities and challenges of the web.

In these personalized meetings, you will have the opportunity to discuss your different needs such as :

  • Apply the elements seen during the various training sessions

  • Create or update your Google, Facebook or Instagram accounts

  • Optimize the reach of your publications

  • Discuss the various applications available to you on the web

  • Discuss the various applications available to you for your website (transactional or not)

  • Discuss and obtain support on good practices for using social networks

    • Ex: Add a catalog of products on Facebook linked to your online store

  • Ask specific questions for the context of your business

  • Get technical support for your social media platforms, Google My Business or website

  • Get training to make changes to an existing website (with wix or squarespace)

    • If your website is made with a platform other than those mentioned and you need training to make changes to it, please let us know and we can assess the possibilities.

  • Analyze the web presence of your company

    • ​Analyze the scores of each platform

  • Identify overall short and long term goals

    • Ex: fill a staff shortage, increase sales outside the summer season, develop new products, increase the reputation of our company, attract potential customers, increase the reach of our publications on social media, retain customers, etc.

  • Identify priorities for the company's web presence

    • In connection with the analysis and the objectives of the organization

  • Develop a web strategy

    • Identifiy the platforms to prioritize

    • Identify what similar organizations are doing

    • Identify the type of content

    • Build a calendar

  • Coures 101 of web platforms

    • Give good practices and tips to the organization

    • Ex: How to optimize your Facebook page, how to organize a contest, how to create committment around a publication, etc.



Create and claim your Google listing

Like many, you must definitely use Google to search the Internet. Have you ever noticed that in the results, Google files are presented before any other website? "Google" your business to see! In most cases, a Google listing will be presented, but the information may not be good. In other cases, your listing will not exist. Since it comes out first, it is necessary for your business to have it andfor it to be up to date.

Introduction to Instagram for business

The Instagram app continues to grow in popularity. During this webinar, we talk about:

  • Introduction to the basic functionality

  • The advantages of a professional account on Instagram

  • Tips and tricks for committing to publications

  • Good practices for using stories

These webinars will be offered, as requested.


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