You want to integrate sustainability in your business practices ?

The Sustainable Development Fund's main objective is to financially support businesses in their project in the implementation of sustainable development initiatives.

Advantages of the loan

  • Loan up to a maximum of $ 300,000

  • Deferral of capital repayment for 12 months

  • Maximum amortization period of 10 years

  • Competitive Interest Rates

  • Non-refundable contribution up to $ 2,000 for specialized professional services

  • Deferral of capital repayment for 12 months

Eligibility criteria

Submit a project that meets the criteria for sustainability allowing to (among others)

  • Promote better waste management

  • Buy equipment that pollutes less and uses less energy

  • Improve a building to reduce energy costs

  • Develop an environmentally responsible product

  • Demonstrate the project's profitability prospects as well as the company's repayment capacity

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Whether your projects are small or larger, our professionals offer solutions and tools for your business.

"Through financial and human resources, the SADC has allowed us to realize our dream of starting a family business as a retirement project. Thanks to the whole team ! "

- Nancy Bourque et Yves Leblanc, Quatre feuilles.


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